Online Services to Start a Multi Chat

Online Services to Start a Multi Chat

22/04/2018 Off By michel

Multi chats are simply the communication apps or messengers allowing to start a conversation for more than two people. Such group charts are commonly used in the working environment when teams are composed on international members, or some members simply cannot join a meeting in person. Apart from work, multi charts are also a good opportunity for groups of friends or college students to talk or work together on a project.


There is a number of services offering multi chats for the mentioned purposes. However, there are also websites on which one may start a multi chat with several strangers, designed to bring people from different parts of the world in contact in the most instant and unconventional way. In this article, we will discuss both types of multi chat services to see which are the most convenient ones.

Best Team Apps

At the workplace, communication is inevitable. We constantly have questions, remarks, requests, and usually send them via the internal communications system, be it Slack or any other app. Nowadays, teams are getting more and more internationalized, regardless of the industry and type of business and therefore, companies try to introduce some common communication tool which would serve the peculiar needs of team members.


Among the most popular team chat apps are:

  • Slack: is commonly used for a chat powered workplace;
  • Stride: is known for turning conversation into to-dos;
  • Twist: allows for a threaded conversation-centric chat;
  • Microsoft Teams: is commonly used for discussions about documents and meetings;
  • Google Hangouts: just a video conference allowing groups of people to communicate.


Generally speaking, communication apps keep conversations organized into groups, often called channels or rooms. There will typically be a common group for random discussions, along with groups for each team or topic your company is discussing. Groups are usually public and everyone can join in. Then, there are also private messages, where you can directly message a colleague or communicate with a smaller group away from group discussions, if you wish to keep certain things private.

Multi Chats with Strangers

Such type of services includes online services like Chateek, Stranger’s chat, and many more. These operate in the following way: you as a user enter the website and join a chat room of your interest (any kind of interest from pets to dating) and start communicating with many people at once. This is a fast way to get to know several individuals at once, and spend time exploring new cultures or discussing the subject of your interest.


All in all, multi chats are growing in scale and amount of people participating in them. It means that communications become more important in the nowadays world of technologies and innovations. In addition, such multi chats significantly facilitate operations of both large and small international teams, or just working teams owing to their convenience and simplicity of usage.