Video Chat as a Way to Widen One’s World Outlook

Video Chat as a Way to Widen One’s World Outlook

15/05/2018 Off By michel

Video chats are known for their convenience and ability to instantly bring people from all sides of the world together for a conversation. As a matter of further digitalization and technology development, people become immersed in a diverse environment of both online and offline communications. It became possible to communicate not only with the people of the closest environment like school friends or colleagues at work, but rather with people with different interests, cultural backgrounds, and mindsets.

How Video Chats Help Develop Oneself

As our societies become more internationalized, and social media more integrated in our lifestyles, it becomes easier to learn about different cultures, languages, and life values. This knowledge and understanding of the vivid diversity surrounding us in the everyday life undoubtedly helps one understand how complicated and beautiful our humankind is. It may also explain some phenomena taking place in social, economic or political domain, taking place both locally and globally.


Aspects of a person’s world outlook video chats help to widen:

  • cultural intelligence: when talking to foreigners, especially strangers online, one cannot but upgrade cultural intelligence competencies. These are the capabilities to relate and work effectively across cultures by gaining a sophisticated understanding of multiculturalism as such;
  • language skills: from the perspective of the world outlook, learning new languages helps people better understand distinctive features of one’s mindset and way of living of others. Since language is known to shape the way people act and think just by the way people structure sentences;
  • travelling experiences: in case you have found a real friend or just a good person through video chat platforms whom you trust and wish to meet in person, it becomes possible to travel to this person and thus see the country and environment where he or she may happen to live;
  • taste in music, art, theatre, movies: people often do discuss things like music and art as these can be the touch point of their lives. It is also a way to find new and interesting artists and performers who are also likely to shape one’s life outlook.

Video chats are thus not only a convenient way to communicate across the web, but also shapers of individual’s identity when used properly. Usually, people underestimate the importance of undertaking a small talk with a stranger or a foreigner, thinking of it as of a waste of precious time. However, if you happen to meet an interesting person in a video chat and end up having an amazing discussion about poetry, philosophy, and even the Twilight movie series, your life attitude may change significantly.

Whether you use video chats to find a love of your life, a native speaker, or a friend to talk to, cultural aspect should always play a crucial role in your conversations. It is in conversation with others when we learn and may even rethink our lives! Even though video partners may sometimes turn to be wrong people for you, there is always something greater one may acquire in the end.