Top 10 Best Chats to Talk to Foreigners

Top 10 Best Chats to Talk to Foreigners

09/06/2018 Off By michel

There is nothing more aspiring in the world than getting to know a new culture. This is generally possible through traveling, watching documentaries, listening to the local music, or the most simple and efficient method – meeting new people. Whether online or in person, meeting foreigners, talking to them, and sharing ideas can significantly contribute to one’s personal development and spiritual enrichment.


In everyday life such high aspirations can easily be achieved with the help of online chats. Majority of people nowadays are social beasts needing instant communication and constant interaction with different people. Chats can be the best escape for such as these facilitate finding friends or romantic partners on the Internet.

Chats to Learn Languages

In case one wishes to improve knowledge of a foreign language, online chats are a perfect alternative to personal tutors and expensive courses. The reason for this is that Internet nowadays presents numerous opportunities to learn languages, and especially through specifically designed online platforms on which people from different parts of the world can meet online and have a conversation.


Top 10 chats to learn languages include:

  • WeSpeke: also known as “polyglot Facebook,” with users from more than 230 countries representing more than 200 native languages.
  • HelloTalk: is in the first place a social network facilitating to find native speakers of languages one wishes to learn.
  • Hellolingo: allows you to choose your mother tongue as well as the language you are learning, and uses your profile to help connect you with other speakers.
  • Conversation Exchange: offers a number of ways to connect to native speakers like chats, video conferences, etc.
  • Speaky: a “social network” for language learners.
  • Italki: a free community where you can read articles written by italki teachers, and participate in free language exchanges with other learners.
  • Tandem: an app-based community where strangers from all over the world chat with each other, but absolutely not for dating purposes.
  • BeeTalk: is a completely free stranger chat apps by which you can easily chat and meet people around you.
  • Holla: is bit different one since it offers an instant video chat with a stranger of your choice meaning that you may choose a representative of a language of your interest and start a conversation with him or her straightaway.
  • Babchat: is a free language learning chat and exchange with message board and private messages.

Chatting through these platforms will help you meet native speakers of any language you wish to learn without leaving home. That means you will see how a language is used by a wide range of native speakers. You may also try to exchange language knowledge by talking to a person wishing to learn your mother tongue. Thus, both of you will be less judgmental of possible mistakes, and take the utmost of the chatting experience.